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Working with a constant endeavor to provide high quality healthcare products along with a robust round-the-clock service backup, Herbal is a company that is driven by innovation, and that is visible in our wide range of products including water purifiers and softeners, air purifiers, cold pressed juicers, vegetable and fruit purifiers and vacuum cleaners. With an alarming rise in pollution levels at present, the quality of drinking water is constantly deteriorating, thereby posing serious health concerns. Boiling water is no longer enough to protect your family from diseases, and even conventional RO systems require more innovation. Being a pioneer of Reverse Osmosis (RO) technology, Herbal provides you with the best water purifiers. Safeguard your family with the best water purifiers in India Having extensive experience in water purification technology, Herbal strongly recommends Double Purification technology that is brought to life through a combination of Ultraviolet (UV) and Reverse Osmosis (RO). We couple this combination with a multistage filtration process, bringing to you the best RO UV water purifiers that ensure complete purity of water. Herbal also offers a range of Air Purifiers for indoor use as well as for cars. Herbal purifiers employ revolutionary air purification technology to make indoor air pollutant free. Herbal cold pressed juicers are the best juicers in India. They help in retaining essential nutrients and fibers in the juice and thus improving the quality of the drink. Juice extracted from the Herbal cold pressed juicer is better in taste and more in quantity. With Herbal’s intelligent range of water purifiers, air purifiers, fruit & vegetable purifiers, vacuum cleaners, water softeners, and cold pressed juicers, make healthy living a way of life!